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Text for Page 138 [04-30-1858]

unsatisfactory day.  Just now I�ve got nothing to
do to pay current expenses and have to draw on my little
savings, which I hate. Such notions as I�ve taken to Bonner
of late, he don�t want � though ten times stupider ones appear
in the paper every week.  But they�re by Mc Lenan who certain-
ly draws excellently � and then it�s known that he has plenty
of money and don�t want work, hence he has plenty of it.
I stick to Phonography, but any progress seems ridiculously
small contrasted with what lies before me.    From the Pic
one only gets driblets of $2 & $4 at a time, though Gun
is a very good fellow.    Frank Leslie is always costive as to
payment. And these three are, at present, my only sources
of income.

  1.  Saturday.  In doors all the day.  Working fitfully,
discursively, miserably, unsatisfactorily � Phonography, rea-
ding and indigestion.         I�ve done Haney wrong in what I
put down on Monday last.  Going into his room at night
and getting talking, incidentally it came out that he has
bothered and troubled by his own private family affairs
of late, not to mention �Nic Nax� and Mrs Levison.
She has made the amende dis-honorable � eaten all her
words and mean suspicions.   Wilbour owes Haney $100 for
wood-pecking.      I�ll let what I put down stand as an
instance of hasty and unjust judgment.   How mighty little
do we know of one another�s private thoughts and troubles!
2.	Sunday.  Phonography & pottering about, helping               
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