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Text for Page 169 [07-31-1858]

to vertigo or giddiness, and on coming up-stairs
have to hold on to the banisters, to prevent falling.
Teeth are yet sore, Doctor awhile at Saratoga,
leaving me temporarily in charge of another, and so
matters rest at present.                  Had a letter from
Dick Bolton wanting me to meet him at Niagara on
the last day of the month, he being on his way to visit
George and the Conworths�.     I project doing the same
in three weeks time or so � not yet.      Have done some
work � a drawing or two for Harper�s, more for Ha-
ney.     Went over to Parton�s on Sunday, the 18th.
The Thompson�s and Wells there in the evening.    Grace
with her hair cut short, her mother in similar train.
This they did to facilitate a visit to New York one night
Dressed �a la Amazon, in company with Parton.   A very
unwise business, not to speak of the delicacy of it.  It might
have produced unpleasant consequences, for going into a
saloon � Florence�s, or some such place � the disguise
didn�t deceive some man present (probably a policeman
in regular attendance) and he, stepping up to Parton,
told him that �he�d better take them gals away, or he
might get into trouble!!!�  So they had to avail them-
selves of a passing omnibus and cut.     Another adventure
Fanny told with great gusto.    She got into a street weighing-
machine, to ascertain her weight, and not taking her feet
from the ground the proprietor caught hold of her leg to
hold it up!      In the Brooklyn cars Grace forgot herself
and addressed her mamma as �mother!�   They were
recognized by some neighbour, who mentioned the circum-               
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