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Text for Page 174 [08-03-1858]

her sex, she is �posted up� as to literary matters
and men.   This evening she volunteered a lot of cackle
about Thackeray being fond of a fast girl here � a 
Miss Sally Baxter or some such name, � of his writing
letters to her, giving her $100 shawls &c, professing
to have heard of the correspondence from the �lady��s own
lips.     The thing might have had some foundation in inno-
cent truth, might have been pure invention, it was just
that loose sort of story which gossips invent and fools be-
lieve.    Governess dropped a good illustration of how the
desire to seem knowing above others will tempt weak natures
to lying � saying that one of her own sex � �a lady,� of course
� had informed her she was personally cognizant of the
truth of that infamous slander which once made Charlotte
Bronte the mistress of Thackeray.               It�s women
who invent and believe these things for the most part. �We
know what men are!�quoth governess.      They say she
has an unhappy idea that people are disposed to look down
upon her, in consequence of her position.   I dare say it�s not
too pleasant a one.    Nothing is more calculated to make
a person irritable and perhaps selfish than the feeling
that nobody cares for you.
  4.  Wednesday.  Very sick and weak � headache, diarrhea
and laudanum.   Phonography for a couple of hours.   Down
town in the afternoon.    To F. Leslie�s, Pic Office &c.   Met
F. Leslie returning and walked a block or so with him.
Met Thomson & Ottarson subsequently.      Evening to bed,
being ill & in pain.
5.	Thursday.  Sick, still.   Out in the afternoon.               
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