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Text for Page 205 [09-17-1858]

over the instrument, with her nice hair � that
hair which looks ash-colored in the sun, and brown in
the shade � so smooth and soft, her kind, household
face and fresh color, her pleasant voice and unaffect-
ed manner, I felt very Colonel Newcome-ish towards
her, and thought what a delightful figure it was, and
how the rest of the picture harmonized with it.   There
was the mother opposite � there Mr Edwards, with his bald
head, white hair, and jolly English visage, spectacles on
nose, writing a letter, and, subsequently, at my request
the recipe for brewing his famous punch.     John�s honest
sensible face completed the group.      The work table, the
boxes (containing any amount of baby finery) the screens,
and dimly seen front show room formed a background.
  I had previously visited an American home � this was
an English one.         Matty & John went off to bed, 
I drank a glass or two of ale with the papa and mama, 
then returned to Bleecker St.     The card players were
still at practice in Leslie�s room, in an asphyxiative
atmosphere of tobacco smoke and respiration.   Ending
with the result of Kendall muleting the others of
nearly $2 each, he invited the party to oysters.    Out o�
doors within half a minute�s walk we met Cahill, ex-
tremely drunk.    He declared his intention of joining us.
Seeing his condition we were for getting him to bed, and
after a little persuasion Gun led him back, promising
to follow us to the oyster saloon.    This he did not do.
Half an hour subsequent, when Leslie and I returned we
found Cahill fast asleep on the door step.     We took him               
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