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Text for Page 207 [09-18-1858]

near to becoming a mother.  The girl was mar-
ried too young.
  19.  Sunday.  Stayed till after dinner.  Mrs P.
didn�t appear, being indisposed.   Grace showed me a
daguerreotype of herself in male costume which she intend-
ed to give Nelly on her birthday � to morrow.  She looked
very pretty, in a Scotch cap.     To Pounden�s.  There
till 6 1/2, then to New York and Chapin�s Church.
  20.  Monday.  Writing P.G. and letters to Mary Anne,
George Bolton and Heylyn � the latter for intelligence of
Rochester steam-boats, chancing his being extant and there.
Out in the afternoon.  Writing at evening.
  21.  Tuesday.  To Harper�s.    Story rejected.  Writing
in the evening.  I�d been just a trifle matagrabolized
by the morning�s disappointment, was getting philosophic
about it, when going into Leslie�s room, he happened
to do a little despondency, saying he wasn�t happy.  Now
compared to him, pecuniarily, I�m an exceedingly poor 
devil � it struck me very funnily to think that here
was he with his thousands, enough to gratify every
moderate want and over, meeting me on the same blue-
devil platforms � my trouble being that I had ^|not| got a
poor $30 or so for story.       A jolly good laugh cleared
the air, and I did a good evening�s work afterwards.
  22.  Wednesday.  To Fartorville, Staten Island,
with intent to see Corbyn.  He out fishing, so had to
return.   A sunny, windy, autumn day.    Writing.  A
whiskey-tod towards midnight with Leslie, Gun, Ken-
dal and Mac Ewen in the formers room, where they were               
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