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Text for Page 208 [09-22-1858]

all playing cards.
  23.  Thursday.  An envelope containing three cards.
�Mr & Mrs Dillon Mapother.� �Mary Pauline Cruise.� �At
the Cathedral, Monday.  Sept 20, 1858.�(Detroit.)  Wri-
ting.  Evening, Phonography.
  24.  Friday.  Phonography.  A rainy, stormy day -
A letter from Heylyn � says he�s been employed by a
London publishing Company, delivering books, for the last
twenty months, but is recently �unaccountably discharged.�
Down town on the afternoon, returning with Leslie.   Illish.
  25.  Saturday.  To Doctor�s, Dentists, down town, here,
there and everywhere, morning and afternoon.  In Leslie�s
room awhile after supper.  He, Kendall and Gun out
together, to return � the first and last mentioned � very
drunk at 2 or 3 in the morning.
  26.  Sunday.  In doors till evening. Jack Edwards
up.  To Chapin�s and subsequently to the Edwards�.
  27.  Monday.  Up by 5 1/2 - half an hour later than I had
intended.   No time for breakfast, dressed rapidly, seized
sandwiches handed to me by half-awake and half dres-
sed Biddy and out into the early street.  Up Bleecker
and into the 6th Avenue cars. �What�s the time?� �Just
six!� �Too late � cars leave the Chamber St dep�t at that
hour � express train.   Resolved on  dash for it, left cars,
cut across streets lugging carpet bag and coats, to the North
river.   In five minutes the cars came along, each severally
propelled by horse-power, at a fast pace.    Baggage car
passed � car No. 1. passed � made an escalade on No 2.
Car crowded � got a seat by fat, sleepy man who grunted               
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