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Text for Page 231 [10-16-1858]

about England as agent to a large cloth-buying es-
tablishment in New York, lived in London, visited Paris,
and returned to his native country with a high estimate
of �the old country.�  He is a rich man � owns land and
houses in Elmira, lends money on mortgages &c.     Re-
turned and to bed in a very handsome chamber.
  17.  Sunday.  Mr Eldredge arrived after breakfast.
What a lovely drive we had that lovely autumnal Sunday
morning!    The soft Indian-summer like aspect of the
distant mountains, the bright river, the neat white houses,
smiling fields and beautiful tints of the woods � the sweet
pure country air � to be amidst all this was in health and
strength, was to bless God for existence, and to love all
human kind.       My companion was a kindly gentleman
who has taken to this farming life principally from sheer
disgust at what he was exposed to during his official
position on Randall�s Island.       To the farm-house � 
a handsome, comfortable, wooden one, with books and
other necessities of cultivated, civilized people. Jenny
was about and active enough. She had forgotten �Mr
Dunn� as she used to call me, but we soon established a
new friendship.    As Jenny frankly acknowleged that she
didn�t want to go to church, I with Mr and Mr El-
dredge set out for it.   Not very far, by the road side
� a plain building consisting of a single room.   Wagons and
other vehicles were hitched up outside, and some of the
congregation � particularly the boys � loitered there too, as
the service had not yet commenced.           Entering, Mrs
Eldredge parted from us.   The women sat on one side,               
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