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Text for Page 234 [10-17-1858]

book, then to sleep.
  18.  Monday.  To Elmira with Mr Eldredge, in wagon.
To Mr Strongs� office. He off to Corning.   While waiting at
a shop door for Mr E.  I chanced to overhear an odious
and singular piece of blasphemy, on the part of a man who
was denouncing a third person to a companion.   Said he
�I�m as far ahead of him as J___s C____t is of the devil!�
repeating it again and again, as though he had found quite an
opposite illustration.         To Mr Strong�s house.   Packed
carpet-bag, donned travelling dress again, and was hastily
driven to dep�t by Mr Eldredge.  About an hour too soon
as usual.      Off by 12. 5.     A lovely day.  Way-side foli-
age beautiful.  Nature can�t even effect dissolution and
decay without beauty.   This N.Y and Erie is the most
picturesque railroad in the U. S. I should think.   Had
a row with book pedlar who wanted to clear me out of my
sear � I was as much in the wrong as he � on reflection
gave him seat.   Got to New York by 10 �; rode up to
Bleecker St in omnibus; let myself in, saw light un-
der Leslie�s room, went in, found him an Gladdy.
Learnt that Mrs Gouverneur was in the house, having come
back with old Mrs Cooper.      Out for an oyster stew, then
to bed.
  19.  Tuesday. I find the house quite full of folks. There
is a new family � American father, good looking black-hai-
red Jewish mother and three children � boys.   Mrs Gou-
verneur is only here for the day.  She sat opposite me
at breakfast this morning and gave me a soft �Good
morning, Mr Gunn!� (I�d made up my mind not to               
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