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Text for Page 236 [10-19-1858]

brothel.   Leslie has seen her, and heard Cahill
read letters received from her, which he (no great judge)
describes as well written.  She denominated herself �his little
wifey &c &c,� and indulged in the impassioned jargon of
her unhappy class towards their �lovers.�  Cahill is supposed
to live with her, now.    He collects or solicits advertisements
for the Picayune, on commission � does nothing else.   Haney
says he had a real friendship for him, but that when Gun
appeared � the man with money, who�d stand drinks & go to
brothels with him � Cahill dropped Haney and chess playing.
There�s a new paper to be published, edited by Clapp, Ha-
ney business man � it is to be a la Home Journal � I opine
every way weaker.    Bellew�s visiting his father in law in
Pennsylvania.                     Letters awaiting me, from Hannah,
Boutcher, Mary Anne, and Mrs Church, Hannah�s
is an exquisite letter � I thank God for her.  Photographs
have arrived safe.    William Bolton has been snarling at Nei-
throp anent George Gardiner and Sarah Ann, having been �joked
about it� in Banbury.        I fear my good sisters Rosa and
Naomi are getting pietistic after the damned Spurgeon �
Calvanistic stripe � believing in �election� and �reprobation�
and the like monstrous doctrines.       It�s what too many
unmarried, thoughtful English girls drop into � more�s
the pity.        Boutcher is sorry for our gap in corres-
pondence, lives with G. Clarke still.   His mother is ill,
his brother Jack also � the latter in a new business (!) an
Habana cigar agency in Pall Mall.  �Papa� Foulon has
given up business, retiring into a berth at Meux�s � sur-
veyor to the firm. Purdue, returned from continental               
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