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Text for Page 247 [11-05-1858]

honesty is simple owing to his having money � money
he has never worked for.   He could squander any amount
in whoring and drinking but I had, literally, to dun him
into paying me a miserable $10 or so for work done
on the Picayune last February � it was $12 originally,
but he cut it down to the minor sum and I disdained the
meanness of the whole affair too much to wrangle about
it.    I only got it just before starting off on my recent jour-
ney.       In fact Gun is simply selfish, self willed, appro-
bative and good natured.     If he�d no money he would,
in all probability have swindled Mrs Potter, as Cahill
has.       But to return to her championship of old Patten.
He, the �speculator and peculator� has occasionally loaned
her money, $30, or so, at a time, perhaps more.   So
she endorses him, as she does that old rogue Gen. Nye,
(whom bye the bye, Mrs Patten invoked as having �the grea-
test confidence� in her husband!  Satan endorsing Beelze-
bub!)  which rascally politician was quite deified by
the two Mrs P.�s, when he used to come hither.   He took
Mrs Potter out for a drive &c.      Clearly shown up as an
old dodger who had extorted �an house and lot� from the 
policeman under his control, yet these women shut
their eyes to the fact � and others � with that pertinacity
which only thorough-going women partisans are capable
of.            There is, really, something sublime in it.    By
the way Mrs Patten seems to have dropped Spiritualism
She has taken to playing the fiddle!   I�ve heard her, as
I passed her door (she locks herself in and is shy of her
performances being overheard) and also I picked up the               
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