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Text for Page 014 [11-20-1858]

  20.  Saturday.  Writing during the forenoon, &c.
Down town, to Pic Office, etc.   Diarrheaish.  Bath and
to bed betimes.
  21.  Sunday.  Snow, developing drizzling rain all
day.  In doors till evening, then called on the Jewells.
  22.  Monday.  Down town to Office of Knickerbocker
Mag, saw Noyes the editor and left stories.  To Wells &
Webb, Leslie�s &c.   Met Thomson.   Afternoon & evening,
wrote to Mary Anne and did drawing on wood.   Mrs Gou-
verneur and her brat � the younger one � here this evening.
  23.  Tuesday.  Spent the evening with Hitchings,
at the house of Hillard�s brother, Oliver having gone to
the opera.   Looked over sketches with apropos talk.
All Bostonians know each other, so I�m not surprised
that Hitchings is acquainted with plenty of literary and
artistic celebrities.   Holmes, he says, is disagreable and
an egotist, entering a room with a look �as if everybody
stunk.�   He, Hitchings, has talked with him of pictures,
and seen him at the Boston Sketch Club � where Holmes
created a disagreable impression.   (The fault may
have lain with the club � one is loth to believe unpleasant
things of the brilliant �Autocrat.�)   Emerson, Hawthorne,
Edmund Quincy &c, Hitchings has met, knowing the 
last familiarly.      From celebrities to notorieties � he
could tell me something of Clapp.    I am not a bit sur-
prised to find that the hideous little �Free lover� is a 
scoundrel.    He had some clerkish post in Boston, per
petrated some dishonesty in it, which either necessitated               
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