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Text for Page 015 [11-23-1858]

his flight to France or was discovered subsequent
to it.     He has, says Hitchings, �been everything� in the
come-outer way.    When in Paris he lived the usual de-
praved life � took men to see the Industrious fleas &c.
Probably he kept himself by corresponding with American
papers � a wretchedly stale re-hash of which contributions
he is now serving up in the�Saturday press.�      He�s a
Fouricrist, a Free-lover of the ultra order and, I fancy,
� if anything theologically � an Atheist.   Nevertheless he has
certain ability, of a third rate-order, with his pen.    I
fancy he owes much of his general estimation � such as it
is � to his matchless assurance and egotism.       Haney
was rather taken by him at first, thinking him a
good talker � which praise is not uncommonly bestowed
upon him. (I fancy the �Saturday press� has enlightened
Haney as to his caliber of intellect.)     Clapp puns a good
deal, and if permitted, always tries to ride roughshod
over others.    His impudence is matchless, in this.   I
believe he admires Stephen Pearl Andrews and hates
Brisbane � he was always saying infernal things of the
�meanness� of the latter.      O�Brien consorts with Clapp,
and affects to admire his powers of conversation. Mo-
rally they are on the same level, basing their every act
on utter selfishness.   They swindled their landlord in
this (Bleecker Street) of some hundred dollars or so and
the man came to a smash in consequence.   This I had
from Mrs Potter.   Some acquaintances of hers, seeing Clapp
and O�Brien entering this house in one of their visits               
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