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Text for Page 026 [12-02-1858]

is really a kind and even generous-hearted man,
though as rough-hided as a bear ad possessing the
bitterest prejudices.     Nor, though capable of this really
Christian action, could he refrain from an almost
brutal exhibition of temper at our last Sunday�s
dinner.     Some one or two persons were accidentally
helped before  him (poor Mrs Potter is generally 
accurate in observing the rue of �first come first ser-
ved � probably having bitter experience of the feuds
and jealousies evolved by neglect of it) when up he got,
declared himself insulted and marched off, subse-
quently dining at a restaurant.      Afterwards he vili-
fied Mrs Potter for half an hour or so.  I don�t
know that the man wilfully took advantage of his
position of obliger, but doubtless it increased his
displeasure, the sense of having appeared in that
capacity.        Poor Mrs P! she knows well enough
that keeping a boarding-house isn�t a bed of roses �
as all of her class do.     To be sure the house is but
indifferently managed � she hasn�t the administrative
facility, besides being hampered for want of money.
I don�t suppose the servants get paid very regularly,
I know the kitchen arrangements are principally make
shifts.   Mrs Church, and subsequently one of the
servants gave me some whimsical particulars as to
this.       I believe there�s no coffee-pot � that liquor �
or what passes for it (for it�s awful stuff) being brewed
in a tin-can!         Then the servants are constantly               
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