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Text for Page 036 [12-10-1858]

  10.  Friday.  A cheery morning�s tramp up to
52nd St, to borrow book from Bellew, railed it
back and went to scribbling comic story.   Evening
an ineffectual call at Hillards�.            Yesterday, by
the bye, I met Colonel Forbes, at the Park gate.  He
looked like a seedy Russian and said with his usual
enthusiasm that though he wasn�t doing anything par-
ticular he was planning a ten strike. �You shall see
it,� says he!
  11.  Saturday.  Wrote till 12 1/2, then down town.
Met Welden with two �Times� men near the Pewter Mug,
Frankfort St � one of �em a palpable Irishman.  Brougham
passed us going to and from Frank Leslie�s, giving us
good morning.   Another quasi Times man joined us,
a broad spoken Yorkshireman whom I recollect as a most
prodigious bore.  He had just taken his passage for
England, was attired in a rough fur cap, a dubious
whity brown coat, all rar stringy and ragged, pants
to match and nondescript boots.  With his broad, coarse,
vulgar, good humored face and three days beard he
was a queer spectacle.       To Tribune Office.  Saw
Dana, told him what I wanted. �I�m not very intimate
with Mr Mc Elrath,� said he,� but I�ll give you a
note.�  Took it to Mc E., had another talk with him.
Something may come out of it. �If it were the daily� he
said, �I could put you in a berth directly.  Suggested
book to review, Sangers History of Prostitution, pub-
lished by the Harpers.  I believe it is an offence against               
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