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Text for Page 059 [12-24-1858]

when he, in his characteristic way, growled at
the exactingness of Mary�s baby. �You can�t reason
with the little brute,� said he, �and you know the mot-
her�s health is suffering from its greediness.�   In truth
we owe many feelings we put down to the credit of nature
to cultivation.   Women love their babes unspeakably, because
the babe�s whole life depends on them.          To Oxford
Street, Haney back to New York, I staying the rest of
the day and the night.   Dined with Fanny, the girls
going to New York and Parton not yet returned.
A smoke and sleep at sunset, in Parton�s room;
talking with Fanny and the girls at evening, subse-
quently by 9 or later out to act as convoy to Grace
who was bound to Dyer�s, for the purpose of leaving 
Christmas presents for the childrens Santa Claus-
izing.   A cold night, innumerable stars out. �You
look just like Santa-Claus!� said Grace.    I had
Parton�s heavy coat on, and was carrying the big toy
parcel.           Back, and was smoking a midnight
cigar in Parton�s room when he returned, almost
immediately going to bed.   Stayed up another couple
of hours, doing a page of writing and more reading,
then to bed myself.
  25.  Saturday.  Christmas Day.  To New York
by noon, the day a beautiful one, down-town very quiet
and Christmassy.   Stayed in doors till evening, then, as
bidden to the Edwards.�   More than the usual company
assembled, perhaps upwards of forty persons, including,               
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