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Text for Page 060 [12-25-1858]

this Christmas, Fanny and her daughters.   All
the folks in the big shop and store room, in the former
of which a stage had been rigged up, with scenery (painted
by Knudsen the Danish artist, one of the guests), footlamps
&c.   The audience sat in the back room, the big doorway
framing, as it were, the stage.  We had this year, printed
bills of the performances &c, which Haney got up � they in-
cluded everybody, even the audience.   Cahill was especially
lively and prominent.  The farce went off very well, though,
at first, the actors didn�t speak up enough, but by dint of
warming up at the applause (my hands became perfectly
sore with clapping) they did it capitally.   Then Cahill in
ballet costume, did a fandango.     Then I was pressed into
service to sing the Ratcatcher�s Daughter in character, with
cap over one eye, indian ink round t�other, rough coat half
off, thick stick, short pipe and pants turned up to do the
costermanger.  Parton said it was a great success and sub
sequently I did �Villikins� � not so much of a one.  Christ-
mas tree, charades, dances, healths, speech making,
�musical honors� and papa Edwards famous punch made
up a jolly evening.     Rogers, Parton�s brother in law is
a very hearty, western New York man.    Matty was the
prettiest girl present � such roses blooming in her cheeks.
It was delightful to see Parton.  I believe a more whole-
sailed fellow � in a higher sense than is usually attached
to that hackeneyed word � doesn�t exist.  Haney�s face
� it struck me � has deepened much of late years � I liked
to look at these two men throughout the evening.    We kept               
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