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Text for Page 079 [01-16-1859]

six emetics!        He declared that he could not
love even �a carnivorous Angel.�     The spelling was
frequently defective, the style indicated the earnestness
and conceit of the writer, and the whole set us laughing
like Olympian Gods.      Another, terse enough, read thus:
�Sir; I am in love with with a pretty girl and my af-
fection is reciprocated; but her parents (d__n em!)
object to our marriage.    Now shall I let her slide or
run off with her � I�m inclined to adopt the latter al-
ternative.�           In another, an Ann Harbor man want-
ed to be informed what a young fellow was to do, when
having asked a girl at a ball whether he might �squire
her home, he subsequently ascertained that she lived
ten miles off and proposed returning on foot
  17.  Monday.  To New York again � passing the
�kosmos� Walt Whitman by the way. How does that
man � a unique character in his own way � live?  He has
a mother, an industrious brother and one idiotic.  I sup
the second maintains the family.     Then too, there is
or was some middle aged Philadelphia lady  a widow
of indifferent character, who admired him and whom
he spunged from.   And Partons $200 might have
sufficed to let him �loaf and lie at his case� for a long
time.              To Office, working like a fiend, paragraph-
ing, proof-reading &c till 3 P. M or later.  Roberts
present.     Wrote a note to Wilbour & Underhill, latter
came over, had talk with Roberts, undertook the job
of reporting, phonographically, the piece �Our American               
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