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Text for Page 080 [01-17-1859]

Cousin� which has been played for over so
many weeks at Laura Keene�s.     Roberts proposes
printing it in next �Constellation.�  (It is a kink of
Benjamin�s � and speaking editorially, a �smart� one.)
Underhill, by the way, spoke of his doing a similar
thing in (I think) St Louis � the play being the
�Good for Nothing.�   Annie Lousdale, otherwise Alice
Lowe, now Darcy�s wife and keeper of a boading
house was playing �Nan� in the piece, which some
rival interest wanted to get, employing Underhill
to do it.    Darcy assailed him in print and a fight
followed, in which, says Underhill, the Jew got the
worst of it.                    To Omnibus Office once.
Subsequently met Britton in the park and walked
up town part of the way with him.   Very tired
and sore-throaty.    Found on my table a �little�
bill� For Medical attendance, debtor to William
Blakeman, $57.�    Well, I don�t think the
man has overcharged me.    But as Traddles
says it�ll be something of �a pull� to pay it.   If
the Constellation hold water, I�ll do it in a few
weeks.  God be thanked I�ve work to do just now.
  Cahill and Ed. Wells called in the evening, on
track of Haney, who had gone to the Edwards�.
  Cahill will keep decent till temptation comes again.
His removal to Thomson�s, I verily believe, saved him
from sinking into the condition of a �fancy man.�  Ha-
ney told him so, and he professed to be shocked at               
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