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Text for Page 112 [02-16-1859]

Lindon proceeding.   Heard a characteristic
thing of him, too.    I was not the only person who noticed
his name in the papers.    That unfortunate old man
in blue specs, whom he owes $125 or so, for board,
who must have become quite an �old man of the Sea�
to O�B for one meets this equally unlucky and per-
tenacious creditor everywhere, in newspaperdom,
when he launches out into his piteous and prolix de-
tails to anybody who will listen to him � this old
man, then, goes to the hotel and tells his story to
.   Word is conveyed to O�B. �Man
wants money? send him up!� is the order.  Man
is shown up accordingly, an employee accompanying
him, probably to see how the land lay. �Good mor-
ning, Mr O�Brien,� says creditor. � You have the
advantage of me, sir!� says O�B.  �Isn�t �your�
name O�Brien, sir? don�t you recollect me? � owe
me so and so,� says creditor. �Never saw you
before in my life!� says O�B.    And he persisted
in denying his identity, and the poor man had to go
away, making nothing by the visit.         Pretty recently
O�B was so hard up, he had to camp in Clapp�s
room.    They both vilify each other now.  O�B is every
day a dropper in at Haney�s office. Wonder what
he expects to make by it?                      The Pattens
are back here from Washington.  Mrs Gouverneur
just as usual � boring people.  The women lock their
room doors against her at night � have to do it.               
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