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Text for Page 113 [02-17-1859]

  17.  Thursday.  Chores.   Down town rapidly, to
buy things, looked in at Pic Office.   Storm apparently
blown over, the paper to go on &c. (Wood said he, the prin-
ters and engravers had determined to keep it up, them-
selves, in the other event.)  Bellew and Gun have made
up matters.  I to go on with Restaurants � said I
would when money was regularly forthcoming � �not a
line without.    Returned: drawing hard till sunset,
then began at Phonography over again!   I have been
forced to abandon it awhile from sheer necessity, and
lost much ground, I find.   But it may be recovered.
Cahill up, went in Haney�s room.       Wrote a letter
to Dillon Mapother at night.   Gun up, wanted me to
do restaurant to-morrow � I stipulated for $6 for last,
said he�d have it all ready � if so, all right.    Turned,
out about 11, for some ale, round at the �House of Lords,�
where I found the two Arnold�s, Clapp, Gun, and
a room-mate of the latter�s, all seated round the
centre table.    Talk, incidentally of O�Brien, who
it seems, has quarreled with Clapp or something
like it.  O�B sent a lawyer�s letter apropos of money
owing to him for his �feulleton�izing in the Saturday
Press, which Clapp related as an excellent joke.
Then he passed into general comment on O�B. �He
was too d____d infernal selfish altogether � there
was no denying he was a smart man though, and
he could stand anything but a fool � give him a
rogue, a smart rogue, rather.   He don�t believe               
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