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Text for Page 125 [02-26-1859]

ling at night.                Saw Mrs Davis,
ne� Weighty Griffin this morning, just before din-
ner.     Looked nice � hope she�ll be happy.
  28.  Monday.  Chores.  Down-town.  Nic-nax;
met Britton, with him to Matarans; to Pic, Constel-
lation & F. Leslie�s Offices.      Returning, met Welden
and a �Herald� man.         Kelly and a young fellow
named Clark, a chum of Dillon�s, from Louis-
ville called at dinner time, sat awhile in my room.
The big Irishman wears a moustache now, looks very
hearty and jolly.        Phonography and drawing during
the evening.          I think I saw Lotty, to-day,
in Broadway.   She (if he it were) passed me,
walking at a brisk pace, I going ahead still faster.
I caught a glimpse of a white silk bonnet, contrast-
ing splendidly with her black, black hair, flashing
dark eyes; had a mind to return and � didn�t.
  Gladdy up in my room part of the evening � his
mother and Miss Cooper back again, after one of
the formers� flying trips to Cold Spring.       The
boy is now grown a tall fellow, would be hand-
some but for puffiness of face.    He is here professing
to be looking for �something to do,� goes down town of
mornings with that pretence.   The mother seems, really
to ignore all sort of responsibility for and interest in
her children; talks as coolly of �his having to do for
himself� as though �twere quite the correct thing to turn
one�s offspring out of doors.   She still worries people               
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