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Text for Page 130 [03-16-1859]

h__l of an article about the Ledger in
my next number!� says the doctor. �Why what
are you going to say about it?� asked Dana. �Abom
inable trash, Sir!� quoth Dixon knitting his brows
and looking like a brigand.     He�s as characteristic
as ever.   I could fill a volume apropos of Dixon.
Fancy a man of middle heigth, rather spare in figure,
trimly dressed in black, his coat generally buttoned
up, his face tremendously Louis Napoleonic, large
overshadowing nose, heavy moustache and imperial,
deep set eyes, rather overarching brows and generally
acquiline (or vulturine) aspect; fancy this man
generally in a state of extremeness on every subject,
an egotist in talk but so confessedly and amusing-
ly so, that you don�t object to it, conversing on
himself, things in general � what not.    He will nar-
rate with astonishing candor particulars relating to
himself and the other sex � particulars I can�t
venture to put down �  �altogether too Samoedic�
as Carlyle says.     He swears tremendously at
times; writes almost as he talks, hare-brained
hap-and-scramble humor, personality, nonsense,
physiological truth, shrewd observation all jumb-
led together.   Has a private hospital somewhere,
is married, has a daughter, and publishes the
Scalpel as an advertisement.    It has lived some six
years, Dixon writing it almost entirely.
  Went over to Brooklyn last Thursday and stayed
all night.   Haney there. �Fanny� has bought               
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