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Text for Page 142 [03-16-1859]

publishers.             Roberts is very costive
about paying � owes me $25 still.       I�ve
seen a good deal of Picton of late.  He is always
more or less inebriated.   A hybrid between the
literary Bohemian and rowdy is Tom Picton.
A very good-humored fellow with a good deal
of general knowledge, passes among the generally
ignorant men of the weekly press for a smart,,
able writer.    He might be such, did he give
himself time or trouble to think, but as he in-
variably scribbles under the influence of mere tem-
porary excitement, feeling, whim, what not, and
always with immense jocular complacency, he
never does anything worth reading.    When he attempts
stories they are merely conventionally funny.  His
human beings talk florid, roundabout chaff,
such as no mortals ever do in life, and are all
of the pattern of the fun of twenty years ago � 
Tom and Jerryish � Corinthian Kateish � and
such rot.      His English is awkwardly construc-
ted, albeit he prides himself on his literary capacity
for the last twenty years, knows everybody,
talks enough for seven, and always drinks �Mon
onguhela plain.�   Went into Native Americanism,
and hasn�t got rid of the taint yet.   Knows, es-
pecially well, filibusters and volunteers for all
sorts of invading and martial enterprises; has               
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