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Text for Page 173

              [newsper engraving with Gunn�s notes]
Bonner, but lacking his characterist
ic expres 		sion, that
of jovial 		egotism
and 			self-
assu- 			rance.
hair is
too, on
the top
of his

[newspaper engraving of Bonner and article] 
  �A writer in The Richmond Enquirer thus de-
scribes the personal appearance of Mr. Robert Bon-
ner, the editor and proprietor of The Ledger:
 �In person he is about the medium height; his build
is that of a man who knows the value of develping
his muscles by exercise in the fresh air; his dorid com-
plexion has the unmistakable hue of health; his hair is
fair, and somewhat closely trimmed, revealing a high,
expansive brow and finely shaped head.  He wears
neither beard nor moustache; his eyes, though not
large, are clear, brilliant, and remarkably full of intel-
ligence; their color is either dark blue or hazel.  About
his pleasant mouth there is a mirthful curve that
breaks into frequent smiles; kindly good humor seems
the dominant expression of his face.  He might easily
pass for under 30, but is in reality a few years older.
His manners are peculiarly simple, unaffected and ge-
nial.  Without the slightest appearance of pretension,
he is perfectly self-possessed; his conversation im-
presses you immediately with his energy, intellectu-
ality, clear sightedness and shrewdness, and you feel
astonished at finding no bombast, no inflated vanity,
no supercilious complacency in a self-made man, who
has fought his way to a pinnacle of public favor that
might well make the brain dizzy.�               
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