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Text for Page 177 [04-10-1859]

came the above confirmation.
  Off for a Jersey ramble along the Hudson with
Haney.  A mighty pleasant time though a dull day.
Built a fire among the rocks on the margin of the
river.      Dined at Weehawken at a German tavern,
returning by steamboat by 5 or so in the afternoon.
To Chapin�s and to Edwards� in the evening.
  11.  Monday.  Going down-town in the afternoon,
a dull one, after rain, Hitchings got out of an
omnibus to join me, with the information that he
is about to start on an expedition to the Rocky
Mountains.   He goes to take photographs, stereoscopes
&c, in company with a troup of fifty, on a govern-
ment survey, commanded by a Colonel Landor.
Two artist friends are of the party.     All sorts of
wishes I were of it, too.     About with him, I ma-
king call at the Omnibus Office.   With him to get
photographic materials, colors &c.     Went to 12th Street
in the evening, with Hitchings and Oliver Hillard
out for ale in the 6th Avenue.     Rainy night.
  12.  Tuesday.   Down town (after Phonography as
usual.)  To Omnibus office, got paid, met Picton at
John Pyne�s bookshop, with him to Rainbow for ale.
He chaffering with Roberts anent buying into Constella-
tion, put him up to state of things.     To Constellation
Office.   Rosenberg & Roberts.  Didn�t get any money
from latter. (He�s let the front-part of the office �
economy the order of the day.    I don�t think the paper               
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