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Text for Page 199 [04-25-1859]

and wife, indeed! detaching victim from
vampire, rescuing a noble soul from one of hell�s
furies!               Who prates of Thackeray painting
life blacker than it is? the asses, the dolts, the gin-
gerbread-loving fools!    What is there more terrible
than this in his pages?  Who is so felicitous, indeed
in his or her intimates to know so many good people
as Thackeray puts in his books � half as many? Not
I, nor you, nor any of us! (For, by God, this record
shall live, if but to bear testimony against so much
monstrous private wrong and wickedness as I have 
looked on and may the devil care how I appear in
it!)             How easy is it, now, to understand how
men may be goaded to murder!    Oh! Jim Parton,
run as far as God has any ground rather than let
thy life be spilt thus!   It�s a wrong against God to
waste his wondrous gift thus!
  26.  Tuesday.  Down town, Omnibus Office &
elsewhere, Pic office removing into William St.  Didn�t
see Britton, consequently didn�t get money.    Writing
& drawing in the afternoon.     Gun up in the evening,
wanting me to draw, edit &c the Pic.     Talk about
it.       Round to the �Bank.�     Thad Glover, foolish-fa-
ced Thad Glover, and Watson, once of the Sunday
Courier, now of Porter�s Spirit there and Bob Gun must
needs invite them to drink with and join us.    This Wat-
son, the odious little cub, I have put down particulars
of, heretofore.    He did some knavery in England, theft,               
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