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Text for Page 211 [04-29-1859]

like and respect and believe in.               This
day, coming up-town, I met that very English Eng-
lishman who used to write on the European.    Said he
lived at White Plains and talked of Appleton�s Ency-
clopaedia, to which he is a contributor.
  30.  Saturday.  Washing under difficulties as usual,
breakfast, then drawing in dusty room till 2.   The
nasty style of man attendant on the sale was making
unpleasant love to the girl on the staircase.  Down
town to Pic Office with big drawing.    Met Mrs Patten,
smartly dressed and praising her new boarding-house.
Returned up town with Bob Gun, left him; to house. Ex-
pectation of Mrs Potter�s taking a house this evening.   Miss
Cooper has being rushing about all day in pursuit of
landlords &c.     One objected to Mrs Gouverneur as seen-
rity; this was Furness, father of �Babie� of infamous
notoriety. (Father a scrape-farthing, son of a black-guard
and prodigal.)    Mrs P. had mentioned her late land-
lord�s name, which I suppose set Furness inquiring
as to the circumstances attending her exit.           Off
up-town, to 37th St.   Mrs Neff and husband left
New York on Tuesday or Wednesday.      Got a letter from
little Rosa Bolton, in which she speaks of her sister�s
engagement with George Gardiner, Sarah Ann having
in little Rosa�s words reached that age when women
pray for husbands with �Any, Lord! any!�   Return-
ing looked in at Howells.   John Wood & a friend of               
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