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Text for Page 220 [05-02-1859]

other liberties.    She will plump herself down
upon you, as upon her husband, in his presence.
She will make suggestions bidding you put your arm
round her as you sit beside her on the sofa.    She,
when Haney used to stay in the house during Jim�s 
absences out of town, would make Louisa Jacobs
blush by breakfast suggestions as to her going to his
room or similar atrocities.       She will call attention
to her feet, to other portions and the least intellectual
ones, of her body.   She hung up one of her shoes,
near the gas, in the room I occupied, one night, I 
suppose to set me regaling my mind with speculations
about it.   (I grinned, got a book and never looked
at the shoe.)      She delighted in dressing up in Jim�s
clothes, necessarily, considering her bulk, an indecency,
thus exhibiting herself to male visitors .  (I never saw
this, and a glad of it.)    She would talk of this,
minutely.    She showed me a letter Jim sent to her
down south, a letter written for her eye alone and for
her prurient, nasty taste.   (I don�t justify Parton
in this; he is deteriorated by her.)    She makes obsene
jokes to him privately and hints at them publicly.
�Unfortunately,� I have heard Jim say, �Fanny�s
jokes are on subjects which it don�t do to mention in
public.�   She openly hints at her sexual desires.
��  All of which is less harmless than her writings.
Vale to the subject, for the present.
3.	Tuesday.  Writing, chores &c, till the afternoon,               
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