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Text for Page 234 [05-16-1859]

apropos of her birthday (to-day.)   Met
Wilbour and a Mr Burley there.   Not the come-outer
Burleigh with the beard, though this man wore one, as
also his ruddy hair in ringlets.x          Tired and not
very well, day sunny but cold, felt achey.   Piano play
ing in our boarding-house parlor after tea and some
singing, latter indifferent.   There half an hour then
to my room, scribbling and now to [phonography].   Would that
I knew it!
  17.  Tuesday.  Chores, and Chas. Read.    Haney
up, just returned.  Down town in the afternoon
to Post, Nic-nax & Pic Offices.  Evening in doors.
Day wet at the commencement, dull in the close.   Not
well and tired.   Haney had been up again during my down
town raid.
  18.  Wednesday. [Phonography] for the most part of the forenoon.
Writing, reading up &c for �Century� article till mid-
night.   Day drizzly at commencement, rainy sans intermis-
sion all the rest.
  19.  Thursday. [Phonography] till 1.   Out to get papers, left
book at Edwards�, to Mrs Jewells, there to see letter
from Alf Waud.   Writes despondently, �Mary� away
from him in the country, he not possessing money enough
to join her and generally hard-up.  Says he�s bent
on going west this summer to accomplish the divorce �if
he has to rob somebody� to obtain the means; that
then if things don�t mend he�ll shoot himself.  $16
per week are needed for his and her maintainance               
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