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Text for Page 235 [05-19-1859]

to raise which is �hard scratching.�          I must
write to him.      To Post Office, Spring St, after
dinner then the rain sent me back to my room.  Wri-
ting till 11 or later.    Mist and muzzle outside.
  In many respects the new dynasty at our board-
ing-house is an improvement on the old.  Mrs Bowley
is a bustling, energetic woman, her own best servant,
without a jot of idea that it�s anyway undignified
to do chores and wait on folks, or indeed without
any desire to play my lady.   We get better breakfasts,
meats &c being brought in from the kitchen fire to
the boarders, individually, as they appear, not as hereto-
fore allowed to chill in a big dish on the table from
ten minutes or more before the bell rings.    The coffee
(which was so bad during the Potter dynasty that I
never partook of it) is now comparatively excellent.
Dinners are perhaps a trifle inferior, generally one
joint allowing no other choice, but that joint is pretty
satisfactory, though some alertness is necessary to pre-
vent one�s portion being anointed with the Yankee abomi-
nation miscalled �gravy� vizi, liquid grease.  Puddings
&c, decent.    Supper well enough.      Both the servants
seem attached to their mistress, a good sign.  Board-
ers good-humored.  Don�t know �em minutely enough
for discrimination, yet.           A great routing out
and cleaning out of what Mrs Tabitha Bramble de-
nominates �slit-holes.�   The house was, really, in a
very dirty condition and I can see that our new land               
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