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Text for Page 236 [05-19-1859]

lady has no poco-curate indifference to but
a sworn hatred to dirt.      Take one instance out
of many I have noticed.    During my three years
experience of this house, I have, in common with others,
been subject to an occasional offactory nuisance, origi
nating in rats dying and putrifying in a certain por-
tion of the back parlor, our old dining-room.   I re-
member it at least half a dozen times, perhaps more.
It was complained of, but disposed of by Mrs Potter
with affirmation that they, the rats, were �in the wall�
unget-at-able, in short, and in extreme instances with
chloride of lime.       Sometimes the odor was so bad no-
body would sit near the spot.       Well, one of the
first achievements of the new dynasty was to poison
the rats (there�s any amount of them) when, of course
they resorted to their Greenwood to die.  Room stunk,
lady-boarder complained, wouldn�t sleep there.   This
morning carpenter was called in, took up three planks
and there, just beneath, were five �grewsome corpses.�
Place is to filled up and that nuisance ended.        In
fact poor Mrs Potter�s golden rule was Don�t do anything
you can avoid doing.   And like most folks who try to take
things particularly easy she only increased her tribulations.
  20.  Friay.  [Phonography] and writing.  Bob Gun up, with
block for big cut.   Drawing till 6 when Haney came,
bidding me to the Edwards�.    He supped with me,
then for Broaway together.    A little �swarry� in honor
of Sally�s 18th birthday.    Parton present when we               
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