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Text for Page 237 [05-20-1859]

came in, but he soon disappeared on a faint
promise to return, which wasn�t fulfilled.    There�s
always the devils� own row if he spends an evening
away from home.   It�s, �You can leave me all alone,�
�What am I to do? &c.     Talking with Haney this
afternoon about that same Old Party, he intima-
ted that he knew of such things of her doing that
no one could believe or imagine, and yet he did
not know the Worst. �He� (Jim tells me only what
he can�t help telling, in explanation fo what I see.�
  Fanny�s last.   In this weeks� Ledger she has a brief
article �hating clumsy people.� �Let them stay away till
they can behave better &c.�    Mort Thomson�s younger
brother, who returned three weeks ago from California,
refused to accompany him to the house in consequence
of this article, esteeming it leveled at him. �Tell her
so,� said he in answer to Mort�s entreaties.    No
doubt the young fellow�s right enough.     Fanny may
have a stronger reason for disliking him that that
arising from breach of parlor etiquette.    He (Cleve,
I think his name is) was brought up with poor little
�Chips� and loved her as a sister.  Mayhap therefore
he resents Mort�s indecent haste to replace her as
an insult to the dead girl.    Fanny would read this
quick enough and hate him as an enemy at once.
And when she hates she always injures � if she can.
Haney hasn�t seen Mort for some four weeks and
supposes Mort purposely avoids him, being compelled               
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