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Text for Page 250 [05-31-1859]

              no stronger feeling than that produced by
a conviction that he�s a pretty good fellow who
will be fond of her.     He is not her ideal, I
know, nor will he be able to place her in the
position she will consider her due.   She only recog-
nizes newspaper men as a sort of addenda to her
mother�s fame, half-impatiently regarding them
as �shoppy.�     Then too she will imagine that her
marriage may have shut out all sorts of triumphs.
I don�t think she ever questions herself as to
what she can offer in the way of love and re-
gard, that would be out of her reckoning as of
most American girls!       Doubtless a desire to
excape from her mothers hellish temper, which is
vented on her children as on others, has its weight
with the girl.         Mort has not love enough or
strength enough to direct her into the right path
towards their mutual happiness; he will accept
what orts and fragments of affection she chooses
to bestow upon him and subside into his wife�s
husband.    Thus poor �Chips� will be avenged.
Such cases are common in life.   The Sultan of
one day drops into the slave of tomorrow.  How
he accepted all �Chips� worship, perhaps as only
his due, and now will bid much more for
a much cheaper article.      All weak natures act
thus.   If Damoreau had married a good inno-
cent girl who would have loved him he would               
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