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Text for Page 018 [06-10-1859]

till 1.
  11.  Saturday.  Drawing hard.  Down town by
5, meeting Wood (J. A) by the way.     Didn�t get
paid at Pic Office.  Return, tired, and to bed early.
  I have omitted to put down two things.  Yesterday
and to-day I got a letter and a visit from � Lotty.
Yesterday she called at about 8, with a Miss Duryee,
anticipating my meeting her at Maillard�s confectionary
which was the request of her note.     She came to tell
me that she had quitted West Farms for the city, was
temporarily living with her father.   We all three talk-
ed awhile in the parlor and I left the two at the
corner of the street, just before the commencement of a 
violent rain-storm.             This morning, Lotty mounted
upstairs to my room. (She had done so yesterday,
in my absence, to write the note.)   She found me
at work and stayed perhaps half an hour.  More
anon of her and her story.   I seem destined to know
all about it.
  12.  Sunday.   Chores &c till 4, then to 16th 
St and found Parton in Haney�s room.   Out, and
supped together at Reeds, staying there so long and
subsequently in Washington Square that I missed
Chapin for the nonce.     Parton leaving, Haney spoke
of a truce patched up by Fanny; overtures of reconcilia-
tion being made to him.   She let�s go her accusation,
then, as loosely as she made it!   She lied to Mrs Edwards
too, of Haney!                   To Edwards for an hour or so.               
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