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Text for Page 019 [06-13-1859]

  13.  Monday.  To Blakeman�s and to Dixon�s,
then to Mechanic�s Institute to read up religious papers
for article.     There till noon of a sultry day.   Return-
ing and to work.   By 3 got a letter from Lotty, re-
questing me to come round to Houston Street, to Mrs
Duryee�s, her daughter bringing it.    Went, and in
a little front room up one flight of stairs sate conver-
sing with Lotty for perhaps two hours.     Here�s her story.
  For some time previous to her final separation from
Whytal, they, though ostensibly man and wife were
only ostensibly so.   He availing himself of her suf-
fering from neurologia gave her morphine and during
the subsequent insensibility ��         She became pregnant
for the second time.   Whytal went off, finally.    I
think Lotty was in Philadelphia or Baltimore or
Washington, probably playing in Laura Keene�s troupe,
which she quitted on the approach of maternity to return
to New York to her mother�s house.   Mrs Kidder
received her with more than coldness, talked of scandal
and inconvenience, said that the unhappy girl�s lying-
in there was out of the question as it would put a
stopper on her (the maternal bitch�s) approaching 
union with Morse.    So Lotty, half mad and desperate,
returned to Philadelphia.    The child was born, sub-
sequently died within some weeks.     She found herself
without friends; Alleyne was kind to her.   They have
with occasional separations lived together ever since.
He did not know that she was married when he married               
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