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Text for Page 037 [07-04-1859]

face, her hair, her dress and feel the
sweet poison of love trickle  down into his very heart.
And I thought of my own hopes and fancies 
long ago, when I wasn�t thirty-three years old
and didn�t live all alone in an attic in a 
foreign country.       Nyack; reaching it by
means of another steamer which took us off and
on.          Mr Nichols awaiting us; to his house,
white and yshadowed with greene trees, like
that of Chaucer�s Reve.     Lavation, discoursive
piano-playing, pistol popping, dancing and forag-
ing in the orchard among cherry trees and
raspberry bushes.       Matty among the latter &
anon �Charley.�        Papa Edwards and Mrs
E. arrived.    An hour or so, then set off for
the mountain � the Hook, I think they call it.
Some of Nichols� children and his wife, with us.
Pic-nic on hill side, Hudson below us, plea-
sentish.      Two hours thus, then most of the party
save Haney, Mr Edwards & Nichols and
myself, off to scale the mountain.     I had been
plagued by a confounded debilitating diarrhea
all day (which lasted) so was well content to
remain and try a doze.        Straggled up the hill
Difficulty, sat on a stone and let the sun burn
me, liking it.   By and bye back came the strag-
glers by twos and ones.   A warm tramp back
to the house, after an incident of a drunken man               
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