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Text for Page 040 [07-08-1859]

a coarse form of the latter.      She exulted
brutally over kind Mary Bennett when Ned walked
or rather was trapped out of the one�s gentle meshes
to be haled into the butcher�s daughters beef-net.
Thus the whirligig of Time brings revenges.    Honest
old Chinner�s death made the escape easier to
Ned.     M. A. will feel her inevitable old maiden-
hood bitterly, as she never can, will, or ought to
have another offer: the wonder is she ever had one.
  William Bolton�s excesses have produced severe
illness, liver complaint: he has suffered horribly,
been �mad � running about naked in his room,�
frightening his mother � the only human being
who really cares for him, I do believe.       At
Neithrop they don�t seem to have heard of George�s
marriage yet, at least Hannah writes unknowing
of it!         Secretive and Boltonian,         Replied
to Hannah�s letter.         Writing and doing Pic 
work etc, with [phonography] pretty steady; busy all
the time.    One evening out, calling on Frank
Hillard and having a pleasant three hours with
him, his wife and wife�s sister, all intelligent
and kindly.    I like these Boston fellows, they know
something.      Haney called once, of a morning.
Saw George Arnold at the Pic Office, he in town
for the first time since his rustication.   One eve-
ning he visited Cahill at his boarding house,
supping with him and on taking his seat at               
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