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Text for Page 042 [07-08-1859]

go, Haney, Wells, Nast and Honeywell
there, and Parton, some of whose half-brothers
are in town.   His mother has been twice married,
her second husband (an American) proving a knave
and deserting her.
  9.  Saturday.  Writing &c.   Down town in
the afternoon; to Century Office, got $10, to Pic
Office got nothing.   In doors during the evening.
  This day the Bradbury�s leave the house, get-
ting their walking papers at the hands of the land-
lady, and leaving behind them much the same
reputation in they effected during the former dynasty.
I expected the result but dropped not a word in aid
of it, leaving people to make their own discoveries.
The girl Anna on the influx of a new household
of boarders was in great glory � especially as they
were mostly men.   She projected herself at them af-
ter her usual rampant style, cried �O Mr This!
and �O Mr That! � at table, laughed, shrugged
her shoulders  grimaced, talked loud, lay in wait
for them collectively and individually on the staircase,
sat in window seats with them of evenings and
much more, besides invading their chambers. (She
pulled open the door while one man was dressing,
calling to a woman boarder to come and see!)   I
preserved my usual taciturnity towards the family,
was favored twice or thrice with visits in my
room from the girl who always came to beg or               
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