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Text for Page 044 [07-09-1859]

(they had reported what others paid) so
This couple gave notice they�re about to leave.
Mrs Boley, a decent striving woman, anxiously
alert to please and keep her house full, being
provoked at the loss of two hitherto well satis-
fied boarders, comments sharply on it; the fe-
male Bradbury calls landlady a red-headed
something or other, and gets orders to march, bag
and baggage, which is happily accomplished to
the avowed satisfaction of the boarders generally.
(Anna had distinguished herself by throwing a
hammer at or near one of the women, from a
three story elevation, lying about it subsequently.)
Her dam said she had never encountered such
low people, that all the women were jealous of
her dear angel of a girl &c; that the gentlemen
liked to have her come in their rooms, they all
hugged and kissed her &c � which last remark
made some of �em look slightly foolish, when I
resusitated it.     But the men being decent ave-
rage fellows, nothing worse was done, I�m pretty
confident; though the ill-dragged up girl will
probably come to grief some day.          Hitherto
I�ve put down but little about my present 
fellow-boarders, here goes to make a brief
dash at doing so.      First to complete hints
about landlady.   Not red-haired as I thought,               
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