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Text for Page 046 [07-09-1859]

good-natured girl with that very rare charm
in Yankee femininity, a rather pleasant innocentish
voice.    She knows as little as most girls, but seems
to have preserved her youth untainted by affectations.
Talks young-lady English or American (which
is worse) seems alone in the world, owns the abomi-
nable Irish name of Maguire and is just now
out of town.   She came out and stood beside me
one day as I was digging away in book-closet, bor-
rowing one, which developed envy in Anna Bradbury.
Descend to next story: a Dr Kennie and wife
occupying the big front room (and maybe the little
adjoining one) once tenanted by the Levisons.
He a tall man with roughish hair of an upward ten-
dency and, I take it, a face and voice strongly
indicative of Scotch descent.   A deliberate speaker,
delighting in a sort of slow irony with no great
point to it, came out once with a lot of Yankee
Anglo-phobia, being impelled by old Bradbury´┐Żs
eruptive asinity.     Thinks it witty and calculated
to anger Britishers, to talk about his having made
love to the Queen, to pronounce her a clean little
deutch body smelling of sour kraut &c.     His wife,
very short, plump and so high shouldered as to
approach deformity, black haired, dark eyed,
good looking after her sort.     Rather spiritualistic,
admires Cora Hatch, talks elaborate good in-
tentioned platitudes about war, laments that we               
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