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Text for Page 057 [07-13-1859]

clear to me� said Rosenberg (he uses the word
damned with a sort of frank emphasis, characteri-
stic I fancy of the club house swells of the last genera-
tion) �that he wanted a devilish good commission.�
Young Wood who knows both the Willis�ses and Mor-
ris (the �General�) rather laughed at this, but ad-
mitted that the first time he had dined with N. P.
that worthy brother of Fanny�s had suggested his mar-
riage to a widow resident in the neighborhood, worth
so many thousands.           Wood got an omnibus and
rode up-town.  I and Rosenberg walked, severally, all
vehicles being crowded.     Got thoroughly wet, being
clad in white, found my room in similar condition,
the Biddy having tumbled over a chance to chatter on
her way upstairs to close windows.
  14.  Thursday.  Down town, returning by om-
nibus to work on the Pic drawings.   Mr and Mrs
Wall moved in to-day.         Called on Dixon at night
to get �Scalpels.�
15.	Friday.  Drawings, and finished editorial
began last night, taking both down town in the after-
noon.   Evening, drawing.   Selina and her husband
off to Palace Garden, wanted me to accompany them.
He seems a good-humored fellow, very fond of her.
Is salesman in a wholesale clothing establishment. 
  16.  Saturday.  Drawing.   Down town in water-
proof wrappings, the day weeping persistently and
drenchingly.  Got $10 at Century Office; $6 at Pic.               
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