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Text for Page 085 [08-11-1859]

house and �if any one ever played the hypocrite
she does � according to the testimony of W. Bolton
who met her there.    George Gardiner is getting the
cold shoulder at Neithrop, anent his pursuit of little
Sarah Ann who retorts �unpleasant things to her
mother.        Morris brought up a note from Haney.
Nature at Grafton Centre �stony, hilly and stumpy,
landlord and wife alterative, tea weak, cake heavy�:
Knudsen coming in for a little ignoring by the girls
Haney �getting case-hardened � (?)         Went to
Bellews� new abode in the evening, he out.  To 16th
street, saw the Eldredges, Mrs Pot &c.  Leslie
out of town, Mrs Gouverneur and Miss Cooper at
Niagara.  Pounden pere �on his good behavior�, to
be received into his wife�s good graces, she at Staten
Island.           To Edwards� finding Mrs E at
work repairing the upturned carpet, Mr E look-
ing on.      Parton�s mother is visiting the Edwards�
and yesterday Fanny Fern came there to visit her,
for the first time.         The Ledger article was ex-
clusively directed at Jim�s sister, indeed an answer
to her letter.    Jim had read certain portions of
it to Fanny which set her curious as to the rest.
The allusion to �clandestine� marriage is pertinent.
Jim�s sister was wedded secretly, just on the eve
of her husband�s departure for California and for
two years nobody knew anything of it.       Fanny
and Parton start for five days at Lake George;               
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