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Text for Page 105 [08-31-1859]

Shepherds at Mataran�s, a glass of wine, then
up-town.     Work.    Haney came to tea.   A blustrous
night, threatening rain, which didn�t come.   Together
to Edwards�.     Little Nast in his white vest and
trousers sitting on the sofa.       Dropped into talk
with Matty, Haney conversed either with Mr Edward, 
or Jack, Sallie sat working at the table, till at my 
request she joined us.    Both the girls were confiden-
tial tonight, Sally, having more to tell, particularly
so.    Little Nast �told his love � within a day after
their arrival in the country.   Sally said �she was
sorry � but �how could you help it.�    Little Nast was
willing to wait any time.        He has no chance; the
girl knows so much more than he.    She thinks him
good-natured, which he is.     Monroe the Californian
too, has said �in fun� before her mother that he
is ready to marry Sally.  �He is ^|such| a bore � she says.
Ed Wells has written verses in Sally�s album �
mildly jocular but amorous.     I know Sally sus-
pects ���   Ed. Wells, I believe shaved off his
beard and whiskers in order to look younger and 
thus become a candidate � a very undemonstrative one
� for Sally�s favor.     One tires, always, of wear-
ing the willow, and Mort Thomson has jilted Wells
for Grace.    So the things Go.        About Haney
the girls are disturbed and puzzled, sometimes
a little defiant, secretly desirous of resuming the old
friendly footing, Sally, the more thoughtful of the               
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