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Text for Page 113 [09-14-1859]

Monday talking with Gaylor who looked swol-
len and discontented:) and by noon aboard the
Hudson river railroad cars.    A breezy day with
latent cold in it.   Fifty odd miles by rail, stop-
ping at Garrison�s.   There learnt that a telegraphic
dispatch had summoned General Scott to Washington,
hence no Review would occur.    Crossed the river
in boat with others and spent the day at West Point,
seeing all that might be seen.   No time to chronicle
particulars.  Horrible purged all day.  Returned to
New York by nine or so, rather fagged out and
met Gun, Cahill, Sears and Tracy in Bleecker
Street.   To bed directly.    A letter from Han-
nah this morning, like all her letters, like her.
Items.   �Rosa Bolton still likes to have a sisterly
chat with Mr Hartley who is saving a thousand a
year, she says (my Italics) and has such a large
school.   He is not yet married.  Rosa says she thinks
now Charley and she will not be married next year.�
Our folks and Sarah Ann at Ramsgate; my
mother and sisters have visited the Chinner wo-
man � I don�t mean the mother.
  15.  Thursday.  In doors working all day.
  16.  Friday.  Down town in the morning, wri-
ting in the afternoon and evening.  Hard at work.
  17.  Saturday.  A drenching tornado of a day,
the �equinoctial� storm.    In doors, did big Pic
drawing and blazed away at Scalpel article               
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