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Text for Page 125 [10-26-1859]

at Grafton Centre, either under the im-
pression that I had some venture of my own
with respect to the girls, or as an inconvenient looker
on at his felicity.     He denied the truth of it.
Altogether he rather frightened the girls up there, I
think, and that may have produced an impression
on Sally.   She thinks.     If she do accept him here-
after he�ll be none the worse husband for this re-
jection.    Though the affair really cost me a miserable
day, from sheer sympathy.
  November 13.   Sunday night.   No possibility
of steady diarizing as heretofore.   I return from
Chapins of a chill windy night, following a
rainy day, instead of according to my usual cus-
to, dropping in at the Edwards�.     I sat in
their pew, alone; the church was thinly atten-
ded.     The two preceding Sunday nights I spent
elsewhere, the latest of Edwards� entirely, as Jim
Parton was there (I had seen little of him, of
late) the other in my own cock-loft, with Hitchings,
just returned from his journey to the Rocky
Mountains.   Damoreau, Ware, Cahill, Mor-
ris and Billington were present, the last four 
intermittently.    I think I�ve not chronicled
Damoreau�s reappearance in New York as yet,
so here�s to dispose of that item, then to others.
  Charley turned up one evening, with an �en-               
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