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Text for Page 126 [11-13-1859]

ter Ghost� on my responding to his knock
at the door.     I had heard of his arrival in
the city, from John Wood, at Frank Leslie�s,
where I went to collect a $10 debt from Alf Waud.
Charley has not bettered by keeping, was hardly
of the vintage for it.   He talks verbosely, re-
dundently, speaks of himself as �a failure,� and
by elaborate, ostentatious, yet amusingly expres-
sed candor on the subject deceives himself into
the belief that the world will like and esteem him
as better than he represents himself.    At first
he got a weeks employment at some private en-
graving firm, is now one of F. Leslie�s corps.
He was not on speaking terms with Brightly,
foreman of the engraving department, but Leslie
�introduced� �em and the difficulty was smooth-
ed over.    Brightly does the intensely gentleman-
ly after his conception of it and humiliates
Charley by displays of magnamity, all of
which Damoreau descants on, not without hu-
mor.     He is evidently bound to send on a cert-
ain sum weekly to his wife, under penalty
of reproach and recrimination if he doesn�t.
His approbativeness and candor allow one to
get a perfect idea of the feeling existing between
them.   �A man oughtn�t to get married unless
he can make up his mind to produce so much
for wife and family,� says, in effect Madame               
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