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Text for Page 141 [11-22-1859]

fortnight, then Naomi came, and Sam
and his wife.    Charley followed, for two days
spending the rest of his holiday at Neithrop.
My father �has a bad cough and is very
complaining.�     He sends me �5 for transmis-
sion to Mary Anne.  Rosa writes, too, affection-
ate, morbid and pietistic.    I wish to Heaven she
and Naomi had husbands! the Spurgeon rot
would die out then.            I got a letter from
Hannah this day.    Charlotte has another baby �
a girl.    Little Rosa Bolton talks of visiting
her brother George in the spring!  When Sarah
Ann was at Ramsgate with my mother and sister
Rosa, she, moved by their praise of the Chinner,
spoke of the letter which that female sent to Amos
Sears, on Ned�s throwing her over, bidding Sears
come on as she was in the market.     Sarah
Ann �was stopped instantly by Rosa who said
�It was only his lies, they wouldn�t believe a
word of it!�     the Chinner �was a kind good
girl &c &c � so S. A. never mentioned the
subject again.�     How that coarse cant of
reigion goes down with people! how can my
mother be gulled by it?    Mary Hann however
will never call her mother I trow, once
out of her coarse net, Ned will find the deli-
verence too great to be easily ensnared again.
  Hannah�s father worries his children, espe               
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