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Text for Page 142 [11-22-1859]

cially John, as usual.     God bless and
keep mine own dear girl � wife that shall be.
  Damoreau has returned to Boston,
a week or so ago.     I have not seen him since
the Sunday evening when Hitchings was up.
He came once to the house, but remained down
stairs in Bob Gun�s room, playing cards, drin-
king and talking � after his wont.   I sup-
pose Madame sent for him and he had to
go.            Wall has gone down South for a
two or three months business tour.   I got a
note for his from him inclosing a letter to his
wife, he thinking that she, her mother and
Nelly might have g departed for Boston
on a visit they meditate, to Alf Waud.   I
have called on them twice or thrice, at a boar-
ding-house in this street, next block, where
the Bradbury�s reside.      I saw Miss Anna
there, as usual doing the familiar with the
men boarders.      Alf Waud has taken a
house in the vicinity of Boston; it is but scan-
tily furnished; times are rather better with
him.               Cahill has been loafing vilely
of late, almost entirely neglecting the little work
demanded of him on the Pic, some weeks not
writing a line, doing his proof reading scandal-
lously &c.     I had made over to him two
old Punch vols, from the contents of which he               
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