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Text for Page 153 [11-22-1859]

connexion.    I knew he had some such
affair on hand and could construct the char-
acter of the person, from his general and inci-
dental talk.       He was rather �knocked� by
Abraham�s disclosures for a day or so.
His predecessor told it as a good joke.   They
proposed visiting the woman together, Abrahams
to be introduced by Billington as a friend of
his.      He taxed her with Cahill but disco-
vered the �sell� on her denying knowledge of
such a person.
  November 29.     Our boarding-house thief
has been discovered and expelled.   One Derby,
son to a well known tailor in the city.   He
was introduced by Johnson in that loose-endorsing
way common to young men.    A thin, smooth-
faced, approbative cur, too civil by half, al-
ways making advances to folks, had been in
England and France and liked to talk of
it, affected the opera and was of late especial-
ly intimate with Morris and Billington.
They, like most Americans, toady to presumed
social position.    I never liked the fellow�s
gly glibness and said so at the outset.    Well,
he stole a suit of clothes from Johnson, shirt col-
lars, handkerchiefs and other articles of dress
from the others.   He boarded in a big room,
with some three others.    They disliked him, and               
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