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Text for Page 157 [11-29-1859]

Miss Maguire, Miss Trank and Miss
Clark, invited them in Morris� presence to
visit my room and they accepted.    I provided
half a dozen bottles of ale, apples, almonds, rai-
sins, Maraschino and with Cahill to help
me entertain �em we had a lovely evening, sing-
ing, laughing, eating & drinking &c.     We
concluded at 11, just before Morris and Bil-
lington returned.    I know the former sulked
about it.        There�s a bit of a tiff �twixt him
and little Miss Maguire now.         He is just
the same literarily as he is socially, amiable,
sensitive, captious, with a streak of gentle humor
in him, sometimes exceedingly commonplace, some-
times sentimental � a man to be liked, but
one, I think, who on the strength of one tem-
porary success, has unwisely adopted his present 
vocation.       What a fascination their exists
in it for so many!        Well, there�s molasses used
in printer�s ink, everybody knows, but more
of lamp-black.       For Billington, all of his
ideas are but reproductions of old stock, sub-
jects, barring an occasional bit of real expe-
rience, � nor ever treated freshly or vigorous-
ly.                      About four Sundays ago, I
went over to Brooklyn to visit Pounden, re-
turned from Port au Prince.    He had just 
moved; found his new abode with some diffi-               
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